The Marvel Universe

2018: The Marvel Universe

We walked through the carnival and marveled at all the rides and amusements.

The Marvel Universe expands with big news stories, events & arcs — and Marvel’s creator.

For the next couple of years, Marvel will develop new characters play their stylist drawing in comics, the industry will also be transformed by the Marvel Universe, and their legacy will never be forgotten.

Marvel Comics itself organized by Marvel Studio into four major units. By the time, Marvel Comics become modern arts of the brand name in Worldwide, MCU.

Marvel Comics was usually based on the first modern comic books were in science — fiction.

On its previous successful superhero comics was capitalized by Marvel, and acquired new newsstand distributor and expanding greatly on their comics line.

In the comic industry that two big publishers were widely regarded as American Media & Entertainment Company, Marvel Comics.

However, Disney Company is a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment and its parent company. New York City, headquarters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Its own comic book convention held by Marvel, and the imprint Star Comics which they successful worldwide during the day of the boom of the comic book.

Modern Marvel Comics, the Fantastic Four was the first superhero team characterized. It’s also applied to The Amazing Spider-Man comic books were the most successful book.

Well, known superhero characters count such as — Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Ghost Riders, the X-Men, Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Black Panther, the Punisher, Captain Marvel, team as the Guardians Of the Galaxy.

And also including antagonist characters were Doctor Doom, Red Skull, Green Goblin, Thanos, Ultron, Doctor Octopus, Magneto, Loki & Venom.

Most fictional characters are based in New York City, and in a single reality known as the Marvel Universe.

In the 21st century, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America — these three heroes had individual blockbuster successes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In these comics, the characters were most interestingly played their role in comics books as well as in movies.

I love to see Ironman character, which shows as the smartest, intelligent & playboy character in the comics book. I would be not wrong if I say Iron Man character is the first Avenger.

The best battle storylines were in New York City (Stark’s Tower)

Marvel industries were nowadays, all over the world. Everyone likes their stories which they beautifully characterize.

There is also an interesting part on storylines, which they had made differently in comics books and movies. If we follow the comics book then it’s not like that much.

Some of them differently played in movies and that makes us more curious about what will happen in the next story.

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