Stan Lee: The father of Marvel Comics dies aged 95

Stan Lee, the father of characters like 'Spiderman', told the world, goodbye, emotions.

Even at the age of 95, Stan Lee, who gave the whole army of Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk, and Avengers to Marvel, is no longer among us.

Stan Lee got the last breath in Los Angeles’s private hospital on Monday morning. Stan was walking ill for a while.

Born on December 28, 1922, in New York, Stan Lee was a comic book writer and editor. He also laid the foundation of Marvel Comics.

Stan Lee’s daughter Kirk Schenck confirmed her death.

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, publisher and chairman, Stan Lee died on November 12, 2018, at the age of 95.

In 1961, Stan started an innings with ‘Marvel Comics‘ from ‘Fantastic Four‘. He was associated with the comics until the last time.

Interestingly, even before his demise, he has given the world a new superhero.

Dirt Man is the name of this new superhero JC, the daughter of this comic legend.

Lee said that his father and both of them were working on a joint project. Before the father turned up, he created a new character in the world of superheroes, named Dirt Man.

68-year-old JC Lee says, “There is another name to be added to the father’s vast heritage. We were Dirt Man for a long time.”

‘This time the steel will not be Superheroes. Explains that during the creation of this new superhero, he requested the father that this time there is no need to keep going.

New superheroes do not have steel, they go a little bit down, like dirt, but who are about love. J.C. It says that there is some work left on Dirt Man and hopefully soon Dirt Man will be seen in feature films.

She said that she was a creator, not a co-creator.

Talking about his father, Lee told a foreign media institute, “My father composed Marvel Comics and I am sorry, but he was not its co-creator working on.”

Stan Lee is the only creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, and other superheroes. My father was very devoted to his fancy.

‘The answer was given to every letter of the fane. Tells that his father, Stan Lee, always responded to the fence letters and emails.

Once he had told the daughter, ‘It is necessary, because it is the fancy for which we work.’ J.C. Wants to start a charity under the name of Stan Lee.

This foundation will work to promote the education of the children and the father’s legacy.

Let the triplets of the Mercantile Comics and Stan Lee know that whenever it comes to superheroes, the names of their partners Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko are also associated with Stan Lee.

Together with both of these, Stan Lee composed Tamat Superheroes for Marvel Comics. However, it is also true that the head of this team was Stan Lee.

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