Real Fact Of Avengers Survived In Infinity War

# Why Thanos want to take all six Infinity Stone & destroy half of the Universe?

According to Thanos, the universe is becoming overpopulated and sees the universe going down to the tubes.

Sooner or later there will not be enough resources to support everyone in the universe.

The flashback scene in the movie, we had seen that on his planet was no longer inhabited, basically, the planet and everybody went to extinct. He vowed himself not to let this happen again.

Over universe, he sees the life is expanding outward unbalanced. Thanos believes that in the universe if he kills half of the life then he’ll restore the balance.

To do so, he decides to take all six powerful Infinity Stones on his Infinity Gauntlet, by which he would have the ability power to bend time, space, energy, and the laws of physics and reality. 

Basically, if Thanos has these all six stones then he’ll be unstoppable.

# Half of the Avengers vanished

The last stone (Mind Stone) was present on Vision’s head, which has been ripped out from it with the help of Soul Stone.

Earlier he was already planned to gather all of the six Infinity Stone and have to balance on it by wiping out half of the population from the universe.

This Includes, Thanos places the last stone into his Infinity Gauntlet and snaps his fingers as several Avengers. Causing half of the population vanished from the Universe.

Including many superheroes were vanished from there.

Doctor Strange, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Black Panther, & Groot is also among them, and most of the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Before Thanos performs Infinity Snap, he has a vision of a peaceful watery landscape where he sees Gamora as a child.

She asks him what cost him to fulfill his mission, and he replies ‘everything’.

# Avengers survived in Infinity War?

Thanos claims, there is always a reason behind for every choice to performs his extermination is random and narrative.

It makes sense about it but why these Avengers survive? Lets’ have a look at surviving Avengers, also couples of others characters as well.

In Infinity War, Doctor Strange was finding out the possibility manage to defeat Thanos in future by using the Time Stone and the result finds only one out of 14,000,605.

Later on when Thanos was about to kill Iron Man, Doctor Strange gives him Time Stone in the favor of Iron Man’s life. And telling Iron Man, “Its’ the Only way”.

Aftermath Thanos’ fingers snap Strange dies keeping Iron Man alive than keeping the Time Stone away from the Thanos. Overhear we can trust Doctor Strange because he’s seen future and possibly we can also presumably temporary death.

Apparently, to let this huge story end in a similar place from where it began.

That is why, significantly that Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk & Black Widow all survive from Thanos’ finger snap.

# Stormbreaker

Introducing new weapon of Thor, Stormbreaker.

Stormbreaker has a unique legacy.

This Stormbreaker looks far better than like the Mjolnir.

We have already seen in Infinity War, Stormbreaker do things what Mjolnir wasn’t able of to do that.

Stormbreaker apparently able to transports Thor. Stormbreaker is the purpose of making to kill mad Thanos.

Which was him to stab Thanos in the heart with the help of new battles axe.

Lets’ see what the new version of battle axe does in Marvel upcoming movie Avengers 4, the sequel of Infinity War.

# Gamora will come back from death!

The real fact comes out about Gamore says rumors, fans are theorizing the victims of Infinity War, did not really die. Their souls were absorbed into the Soul Stone.

Before Gamora’s death, she was in an encounter with Skrull at Vormir.

She gets there with Thanos, just to pay the price of her life to get the Soul Stone.

Might be she reverse it back because her Soul was absorbed. If so, the Stone contains the soul of Thanos’ victims.

If Avengers want to free those victims then, they must have to pay some horrible price for it.

Although the movie was emotionally ended, it’s hard to make a sense that those characters will back in their life or not!

Whether Gamora & Vision will also be restored is a separate question.

# Avengers able to build Vision again?

At some point the time if we back to the screen where Shuri was examined and was trying to download all data from Vision’s head on her lab.

Is she really did that?

What was exactly she did?

As we know, she was backing up Vision’s consciousness before destroying the Mind Stone from his head.

If she could separate the Mind Stone from Vision’s head then, he will have all the memories, and he stays alive without the Mind Stone.

Assuming Bruce Banner was right, and he could survive independently without Mind Stone.

When Corvus Glaive breaks through into the lab, Shuri stops their work and very quickly types something on display before the inevitable happened.

Earlier in the film, Vision was about Stone that he could feel it something like Stone is speaking to him maybe about Thanos.

What if the intensity of the Stone’s power gives Avengers clearer notes about Thanos through Vision’s backed-up mind.

Maybe it will help that information to Avengers and need to reverse Thanos’ work?

From the Infinity War movie, we can be only assumed from making the theories. Marvel knew about the fans after watching these on-screen what will come out.

And they already decide on the next Marvel movie what will happen next.

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