Comic Characters

Listing of Marvel Cinematic Universe fictional characters which signified designed & granted by Marvel Comics.


Dr. Bruce Banner exists a living grabbed between the soft-spoken scientist he is always been and the uncontrollable green monster powered.

Dr. Bruce Banner is a retired life continuously he keeps the story of youth Rick Jones from a gamma bomb explosion. After that, the mild-mannered scientist mutates into a superhuman creature called the Hulk whenever he becomes angry.

The Hulk is one of the powerful beings eternally. His bodily power is probably endless, given that it rises exponentially as his emotions anxiety starts.

His superhuman strength executes him a terrifying fighter that not everywhere can entirely. While throwing his hands mutually, he can too build devastating shockwaves.

As the Hulk, he encounters a high resistance to whatever kind of natural disaster. Hulk also has the extraordinary powers to reform when he does occupy injured or wounded.

He can regrow flawed tissues, parts, or even organs at an excellent assessment. While he is not Hulk, Dr. Bruce Banner’s strength lies in his absolute ability.

He is one of the world’s best scientists in nuclear physics, as well as other related exercises.


Tony StarkGenius, Billionaire. Playboy, Philanthropist. Tony Stark’s faith is only United his high-flying intelligence as the hero called Iron Man.

Designer Tony Stark utilizes his genius for high-tech resolutions to difficulties as Iron Man, the armored Avenger.

Iron Man’s helmet gives Tony a heads-up vision that provides him a 360-degree optics and entrance to learning about his surroundings and terrorists.

Weaponry gathered in Iron Man’s chest, that is able of pitching dazzling light, and further, be utilized as strong energy. The first weaponry carried inside every suit, the repulsor lights use energy pulsations to oppose and obstruct attackers and are generated by the suit’s gauntlets.

While utilizing Extremis, Tony can interface with his brain’s reconstruction center, which allows him to reconstruct his material from injury.

Tony has built many models of mission-specific armor, including deep-space, underwater, and stealth suits, along with the Hulkbuster armor.


The son of Odin accepts his mighty capabilities as the God of Thunder to defend his hometown Asgard and the planetoid Earth alike, Thor Odinson wields his strength of the ancient Asgardians to battle evil during the Nine Realms and ahead. MJOLNIR – Thor’s sign weaponry, which he manages to invoke rain, wind, lightning, and thunder, and further empowers him to an explosion or carry electricity rays.

The hammer solely is lifted those deserving of its authority.

As a God, Thor ages at a strangely slow step, enabling him to remain for millenary. Likewise, he controls the stamina, durability, and speed of a spiritual fighter, and is amongst the powerful beings in the universe.

Thor Odinson is a talented warrior. His antique abilities and expertise in combat both with his large might obtain him one of the warriors in living.


Distinctly powerful, Wanda Maximoff has challenged both opposite and with the Avengers, endeavoring to hone her skills and do what she understands is appropriate to serve the atmosphere.

Wanda can manipulate Chaos Magic, which is so strong, she has been empowered to raise soldiers from ostensibly nowhere.

Wanda was strong to use her skills to take apart the strengths of most mutants with merely spoken instruction. More than one, Wanda has utilized her skills to resurrect the lifeless. Wanda has telekinetic capabilities, enabling her to levitate things and to take flight herself.

Wanda able to oppose attacks, having distinctly strong supernatural defenses.

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