Avengers 4 Great Story Leaked - Theories Become True

Avengers 4 Great Story Leaked — A new team will lead up by Captain America.

Avengers 4 Great Story Leaked – Here we what got to know from sources about Avengers 4.

Some pictures have been released from the set.

Grab up the news, the Avengers 4 will be ending of Thanos. However, the story is all about Time Travel.

Yes, you right! Marvel theories have a loss of suspense has created from the last Marvel Movie in Infinity War.

Everyone is talking about theories and creating them-self only.

Belonging them, in that theory we also heard about Captain America will lead up the new Avengers team, and he will also go to die.

That means we are no longer can have the chance to see Captain America anymore in Marvel movies.

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Let’s first talk about “Time Travel”. In this movie, storylines will be starting from the nice and comedy character — Ant-Man.

OOPS! I revealed.

Yeah! Everyone knows that ending credit shows us what comes next and that’s why the reason, why we also wait till the end inside a movie theater, to see Credit Scene.

In the ending scene of Infinity War, we knew that Thanos “Snap” and from everywhere a beloved person has been executed from the current place.

And the same thing happens in The Ant-Man & Wasp’s credit scene.

So, over here coming next year we will have two best Marvel Movies in 2019 and the rest of us out of the sources.

Captain Marvel and Avengers 4, we will see how Captain Marvel will introduce by the MCU.

And then Captain Marvel will join them in Avengers 4 by Captain America in the new Avengers team.

Overall we can find out from the Marvel Theories, Captain Marvel and Ant-Man will join. Captain Marvel will be helping to defeat Thanos and Ant-Man will help “Iron Man, Professor Hulk, and Captain America” for traveling the Time Travel concept.

Now come to the concept of the movie — is Time Travel

For is travel through time and space by using the Quantum Realm for collecting the Infinity Stone backs from different time periods, they will recruit Ant-Man.

We’ll travel back to the first Avengers movie where there are fighting together against Loki, somewhere battleground of New York City.

Over there, they will collect the first gems from the Loki. We will see them all together again in Avengers 4 with the same costume and setup. Especially, Hawkeye will have the new-look and getup.

Second, build up a section about — Tony Stark

Tony Stark will build his own Stark Infinity Gauntlet, for storing the Infinity Stones.

Purpose of building that Bruce Banner will help Tony Stark in their labs (as Professor Hulk).

Bruce Banner transformed himself as Professor Hulk which already been on Marvel comic books. Iron Man reassembles the Avengers and decides to build his own Infinity Gauntlet to reverse back everything that Thanos did.

Professor Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Infinity War movie we had seen Hulk was totally absented during the war.

One of the biggest questions about the Hulk. Why Green Hulk never come back after had beaten by the Thanos right at the start?

Bruce Banner was unable to transform into Hulk after he escaped with the helping hand of Heimdall. So, where is he all the time during the war?

Avengers 4 will have all the answers what about finding out till now.

In this movie, Bruce Banner and Hulk finally merging together to become Professor Hulk. Hulk will have a huge role to play the rematch against Thanos.

Ultimately Hulk losing his arm during the fight against Thanos by wields the Stark Gauntlet.

Ending scene — what shows always in Marvel Movies

Sadly, the points that I am going for explaining don’t make good reading for fans of Steve Rogers as Captain America.

As the rumors also said that at one point, when Captain America and Thor were fighting against Thanos, Captain America wields the Stark Gauntlet.

Over there he wants to allow everyone to escape from that place while he holds Thanos. During the fighting with Thanos, the prediction is Captain America will no more.

These all are just predictions and rumors by collecting Marvel Theories from the comic book.

We all knew that MCU will always change the storylines of what exactly happened in comic books.

We all know about this Marvel movie’s theory exactly, when it will come to release on theater.

So, until then have patience and wait for the complete movie.

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