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A journey I started on September 6, 2K-18. Stepping forward to start building a career on Blogspot -Duniya !!!

When I heard about Blogging that we could make our interest begin Online, through a Blogging platform. I myself signed-up for these.

But here is come to my 1st problem ahead. NICHE-Topics, what would be the best one make interest Online-bots’ to read up my Blog’s.


Marvel Desk


Sniper Softwar, - as Shanjib Boro




Hi, my name is Sniper Softwar & my Blog on about Marvel Comic Characters. I got into these when I was looking for particular topics. Here I have learned one thing, “If you’re going behind the success then you must have to follow the path of like/interest about.” It will give you greater view on an article. Find out what’s I am liking for, what’s my interest on? When I have all these then I got my 1st step out on Blogspot.

However, there is a lot of think I should use to with. Looking forward with the hope of making a success on Blogspot.